Windows Performance

Performance Slowdown

Everyone at some point encounters the frustration of a slow PC. PC slowdown is something that can be very hard to pinpoint the exact cause of as some of the analysis required indepth understanding of hardware and software fundamentals and analysis.

The solution cycle usually usually consists of the following steps

Performance Fix cycle
Performance Fix cycle

We need to categorize and characterize the problems

Continually, Hourly, Daily?

Seconds, Minutes, Hours?

Sluggish, Crawling, Totally Locked-up?

Which Resources are affected:
CPU, Memory, Disk, Network?

How does the user understand the problem?

Types of Performance Monitoring

Real Time Interactive Analysis

  • Task Manager
  • resource Monitor
  • Perfmon

Detailed Analysis via logs

  • Perfmon Binary Logs (BLG files)
  • Windows performance toolkit event trace logs (ETL files)